1979: Iran Pharmis was first established aiming to be turned into a leading trading company in Iran’s Health Care Industry.
1982: Iran Pharmis started importing disposable medical products by importing the Sterile Hypodermic Needles.
1985: Iran Pharmis started working on the products of Kawamoto Corporation, a Japanese supplier of Disposable Medicals; importing KBM Surgical Tape.
1987: Iran Pharmis initiated import of Stoma Bags from Coloplast. Since then and up to 19 years later, Iran Pharmis was the sole agent of Coloplast in the Iranian Market.
1990: Iran Pharmis attempted to enter the advanced wound care market by importing the related Coloplast Products. However, due to Iran’s economic statutes at that time, this became a failed attempt.
With the new economic growth emerging, Iran Pharmis started working with Malaysian, Indian and Chinese suppliers who have large market share in Iran, compared to European and Japanese goods.
1997: Iran Pharmis renewed its agreement with Coloplast after a brief pause in its activity. Comfeel branded products, manufactured by Coloplast, as the first series of advanced wound care products in Iran, were imported by Iran Pharmis; Iran Pharmis's marketing team started educating the market on how to use the advanced wound care products at hospitals and medical centers in the whole country.
2001: Iran Pharmis and a couple of other companies merged to form "Novin Group" which became the largest private company in Iran, working on disposable medicals.
2005: Iran Pharmis with Novin Group, purchased majority of shares of a start-up company, Darou Darman Pars (DDP) and they entered the pharmaceutical supply industry with this acquisition.
2008: Marketing and distributing Smith & Nephew's advanced wound care products through an exclusive contract with the sole agent of the S&N's advanced wound care products in Iran.
2009: Management team of Iran Pharmis and Novin Group separated in order to operate under the independent names of Iran Pharmis and Teb Novin.
Foundation of Momtaz pharmaceutical distribution Co.
Import of Urotech urology products.
Importing ForLife and TG. Eakin ostoma products.
2010: Iran Pharmis divided its sales unit into two major sections: general items and professional items. The general items will be targeting the low-end of the Iranian Market and the professional items are targeting the high-end of the market. This strategy has become a huge growth contributing factor.
Cooperation with Paul Hartmann Company started.
2011: Starting cooperation with Ansell Company.
Cooperation with DermaSciences Company and import of MediHoney products.
2012: The low-end targeted division will be operating as a company called ATiPay Co.
2012: Getting the certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
2013: Starting business cooperation with Teleflex Company and import of Arrow products.
2014: Importing Rusch urology,Weck and Pilling surgery products from Teleflex.
2015: Importing Rusch and LMA Respiratory-Anesthesia products from Teleflex.
2016: Importing Stapleline Surgery Products.
2017: Importing MaxmoreSpine Surgery Products.
2018: Importing Hologic gynecology Products.

2019: Establishment of Arya Darou Pharmaceutical Company (as one of the subsidiaries of Iran Pharmis Holding).